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About SHIK

Welcome to SHIK
10/08/2016 | 2:35 sáng GMT+7

Located in Ciputra, Hanoi Sunshine House International Kindergarten (SHIK) is a private day school for boys and girls ages 1.5 to 6.

13/07/2016 | 3:03 sáng GMT+7

Our children are taught that everyone is important regardless of age, sex or religion. This promotes equality and makes them better individuals who are more welcome to change and capable of overcoming adversity.

Our methods
13/07/2016 | 2:38 sáng GMT+7

We strive to instil our students with as much knowledge as possible, making them more than adequately prepared for entrance into grade one.

Values, Mission & Vision!
13/07/2016 | 2:35 sáng GMT+7

As with any professionally-run kindergarten, our main goal is to provide a safe environment for children to begin to discover their talents.