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Values, Mission & Vision!

As with any professionally-run kindergarten, our main goal is to provide a safe environment for children to begin to discover their talents. Also to be the premier international kindergarten in Hanoi and a well-connected relational community committed to learning, respect for others, and service. We aim to guarantee parents that their kids will be well taken care of by a team of dedicated professionals. Besides that, we strive to instil as much knowledge as possible onto our students, while allowing them to have fun.
Solely focusing on academics is widely acknowledged to be one of the downfalls of state run educational institutions, so obviously we deviate from that pathway. Through the implementation of numerous games and activities, we enable young learners to feel true enjoyment when acquiring knowledge. Studies have proven that this is the best method.
We do everything we can to help to encourage confidence in our pupils. We aspire to allow the children to excel when compared to others. We desire them to be self-confident by the time they leave our school, and to be able to handle problems that they may encounter in their lives.